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Frequently asked questions

General questions
  1. Get your cold beverage/drink.
  2. Get the right cooler for that drink.
  3. Put the cooler on your drink (preferably before opening it).
  4. Enjoy!
  1. It maintains your drink cold, and not your hands!
  2. It absorbs the condensation, and so will keep those wet and sticky rings from your table.
  3. It can help you recall whose is whose.
  4. More reasons to enjoy and shine, with your Happy Coozy design.

Our coolers are of neoprene material and used to insulate a chilled beverage/drink from warming up by conduction and heat radiation, like a warm hand, warm air, warm surface or sunlight. Using one of our coolers reduces the rate your drink warms by up to 50%, which means your drink can stay cold up to twice as long!

No, the coolers do not work like a fridge and are solely insulating your drink’s temperature, so not cooling your drink. The temperature of the drink retains, so your drink will stay longer at its right temperature (assuming you got a cold drink in the first place).

You can but it does not help much more. Our coolers are made of neoprene which insulates your drink’s temperature, not cooling it.

Yes, the coolers can be washed, preferably at the same temperature as you wash your clothing. There is absolutely no problem in having left your coozy in your pocket while clothes are being washed.

Yes, the minimum order value is € 8,-

  • Promoting and advertising. We offer lots of possibilities to create your perfect promotional coolers, from putting your logo on existing designs to completely personalized coolers in line with your company’s identity and promotional message. Happy Coozy offers a great amount of possibilities, fully customized to your wishes, and flexible in sizes.
  • Customer Relationships. The customized and personalized coolers we offer, are a perfect gift and give-away for your business acquaintances, customers or employees.
  • Improve service and add value to customers. Our working products are a proof of value delivery to customers in various settings. Whether it is hotels, resorts, beach clubs, restaurants, cafes or bars – offering coolers as part of you customer service or perhaps for sale – both add value to your customers.
  • Revenue and sales. Happy Coozy is also happily welcoming distributors of our products.

Yes, Happy Coozy offers coolers in the sizes you wish to have them customized. For example, for specific cups/glasses, different cans and bottles, champagne bottles, etc.

Yes, we maintain a minimum order amount for personalised coolers, which is a 100 pieces. If you would like to receive a quotation for your order, fill in our quotation form.