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Our story

While traveling the world, we came across various types of coolers (or stubby holders) in different countries. From Indonesia all the way to the United States, coolers are everyday products. At first, we started bringing some back home for our own use, while later bringing them home for family and friends became sort of a habit. As the stubby holders yielded great responses, questioning thoughts came to mind. Why did we only come across these coolers in non-European countries? Is it really a weather thing or are these working products still under the radar for most people? And why is that? Our journey began..

Our first idea & design

As we were still unaware of the fact that these products were called coozies or simply coolers and we certainly did not have a Dutch word for them, we came up with our own words for the ones we brought back to The Netherlands. One sunny afternoon, while barbecuing and having some drinks, we thought of the idea that the – at the time ‘thingy’ we put around our beer – had similarities to a pair of jeans or pants (In Dutch ‘broekie’) for the drink. We put it around our drink or beer (In Dutch ‘bier’) to keep its temperature insulated. This is the point from where we started to develop our first idea, design and brand: ‘BierBroekie’, Dutch for beer pants. After the summer of 2017 and gaining quite some growth, we felt a change of brand, market and range of products was a wise thing to do! Our journey continued..

Happy Coozy
Happy Coozy

During our starting journey in The Netherlands, we experienced that both the working product and our brand-name related design brought happiness to our customers. Together with our thoughts of changing brand partly in order to expand (both internationally as well as non alcohol- and beer-related products), we knew evoking happiness with customers’ drinking experience by delivering good quality and working products had to be our main goal. We experienced that the product design was essential in achieving this. And from that point on, ‘Happy Coozy’ emerged, perfectly describing where we stand for and what we want to achieve with our customers: ‘Enriching the drinking experience with our uniquely designed stubby holders, aiming to evoke positive thoughts, happiness and coziness’.

Our vision is to bring along happiness by enriching the drinking experience of our customers. We do this by selling good quality coolers with creative designs.
Yvana Prins, founder.
Our designs

The inspirations which define our designs trace back to California, United States.ย  The city of angels, Los Angeles, with its relaxing and tropical atmosphere. The city Malibu, known for its lovely beaches and waves attracting lots of surfers. And then Napa Valley with its beautiful winegards and views, the most prestigious and elegant wine region in America. Drinking experiences should be embraced by positive thoughts, feelings ofย happyness andย coozyness, which we aim to evoke by choosing these California-based elements carefully. The colors, fruits, animals, palm trees, branches and other elements are combined in order to give you just these positive thoughts. In addition to our regular products, we also offer to completely personalize coolers in line with your company’s identity or promotional message for example.

Our products
Our products

During our travels we came across differently sized stubby holders made of different materials, and experienced that they were not always of good quality, nor easy to use and bring along. Our coolers are made of high-quality neoprene material, which is easy collapsible. This way you are able to easily put a unisize coozy in your pocket for example, and bring it with you to where-ever you need it. Moreover, our products are very light-weight and easy to use. Lastly, as we strive to serve our customers best and acknowledge their different tastes or changing drinking behavior, we decided to broaden our product range into three different cooler sizes:

  • Unisize coolers, fitting both cans and bottles.
  • Bottle coolers, fitting bottles better and therefore insulating somewhat more.
  • Wine coolers, fitting the regular Bordeaux wine bottles.

Not all sorts of drinks are covered with these three cooler types, which is why we offer to make customized coolers as well, totally in line with your wishes.

By offering coolers in various designs and sizes for both consumer and wholesale, and by making it possible to customize and/or totally personalize coolers for your company, we aim to deliver most value to you as a customer.
Ricardo Prins, co-founder.