Brown wine bottle cooler


Brown wine bottle cooler: THE GRAPES ARE ALWAYS RIPE!

This brown wine bottle cooler gives your bottle of wine a both fancy and classy appearance, while keeping your wine at its right temperature with the insulating neoprene material. It is an eye-catching wine cooler sleeve where glasses of wine could be easily poured in with.

NEVER worry about your wine losing its temperature quickly once out of the refrigerator, nor about stains on the table. Moreover, the uniquely and fancy designed wine coolers will bring you a cozy drinking experience, while being convenient as you don’t have to walk back and forth to the fridge. Enjoy the usefulness and fanciness of this wine cooler at home, a party, or at various other settings!

This wine cooler is designed for the most regularly used Bordeaux wine bottle with an approximate 7-7.5 cm diameter, as the material is somewhat flexible. The wine cooler could also be used for other types of wine bottles as long as the bottle has the same approximate fitting diameter.

Brown wine bottle cooler size

Cooler height: 18.5 cm (excluding the bottom holder)

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