Wavy can cooler


Wavy can cooler; I’m a true oceanholic!

This wavy can cooler will make your beach-days even more perfect. Truly wavy to have your drink in one of those! This can cooler is an insulating neoprene holder particularly designed to fit your can or bottle, and serves to keep your drink cooler.

NEVER worry about your drinks getting warm, your hands getting cold or wet stains on the table. Moreover, the uniquely and happy designed can coolers make you able to find your drink right away. As this wavy can cooler is collapsible, it is made very easy to bring along in your pocket or small purse. Enrich your drinking experience with this can cooler at home, a party, or at various other settings. Enjoy!


Can cooler size

Fit: 5.5-6.5 cm diameter
Height: 10 cm (excluding the bottom holder)