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Wine bottle cooler

How do I use a wine bottle cooler?

Firstly, get yourself a cooled bottle of wine from the fridge. Put the wine bottle cooler around the drink, with its opening at the top of course. That’s it, pretty straight-forward. Now your bottle of wine will stay chill for a longer period of time, for you to enjoy it more. : )

Where do I keep my wine bottle cooler?

A wine bottle cooler does not have to go in the fridge or freezer, as its main purpose is not to cool. The cooler can simply be put in a drawer or in some other storage place. Personally, we always have them stored close to where the wine bottles are being cooled, which is very convenient. Our wine bottle coolers can also be brought to lots of other occasions. Because of its material, the coolers are very easily fold-able and lightweight. Therefore, it makes it easy to bring one with you in your purse for example.


What material is used to make these wine bottle coolers?

Our wine bottle coolers are made of neoprene. This material is also being used in surfing gear and wet suits.


How does a wine bottle cooler work?

The previously discussed material, neoprene, insulates you wine bottle in various ways. The material slows down the warming process and also stops condensation of the drink. Temperature-wise, it prevents the drink from getting influenced by conduction and heat radiation. Examples one could think of, are a warm hand grabbing the drink, warm air/ surroundings, warm surfaces or sunlight. All these things speed up and amplify the warming process of your bottle of wine.

A wine bottle cooler can reduce the rate a drink warms in the sun by up to 50%. In other words, your drink will keep colder for twice as long!


What are other advantages of a wine bottle cooler?

  1. Besides the fact that your bottle of wine keeps chill longer, a wine bottle cooler also absorbs the condensation. For that reason, you won’t have to worry about wet or sticky drink stains on the table, nor about getting dirty and cold hands as a result of holding a condensed bottle of wine.
  2. A bottle cooler also works as a protective sleeve for your bottle of wine. Whenever you accidentally let the wine bottle fall, it does not necessarily mean that your bottle breaks into pieces, and the wine with it.. A wine bottle cooler can prevent this from happening which can be very convenient.
  3. A wine bottle cooler is a relatively cheap product. A small investment is only necessary in order to have one or multiple at home. The wine bottle coolers can be enjoyed for years.
  4. A wine bottle cooler is flexible and fold-able. You could easily carry one with you in small purse e.g. Moreover, leaving one in the car (glove box) can also be very handy. This way, it is easy to bring a wine bottle cooler to a particular event, party or on vacation for example. Places where a wine bottle cooler might also turn out very useful.
  5. Happy Coozy wine bottle coolers are cool and trendy!

wine bottle cooler


Is it possible to personalise a wine bottle cooler?

Yes, certainly. This is possible with an order quantity minimum. For wine bottle coolers, this is 100 pieces. You are free to design one yourself or let us do the work in collaboration. The personalised wine bottle coolers are a perfect give-away or gift in various special occasions. For customers, employees, family and friends, etc. Moreover, original wine bottle coolers work perfectly for promotions and the maintenance of business relations. More information about personalisation and customisation of our coolers, feel free to visit this page.

Additional information

In order to see all of our regular wine bottle coolers, have a look at our total assortment here. At the moment, we offer three differently designed wine bottle coolers. Besides our collection of wine coolers, we also offer an assortment of can coolers and bottle coolers. Please have a look whenever you feel like it!

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