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Wine bottle coolers

Wine bottle coolers: Products and usage

We offer a variety of differently designed wine bottle coolers. These products are very popular among our wine drinking audience. We also offer personalisation and customisation options. For customised or personalised wine coolers (or approximately same format), we maintain a minimum order quantity of 100 pieces. We are able to customise the coolers in any size or shape you need, so you do not need to stick to the regular sizes. It is therefore also possible to make coolers for differently shaped wine bottles or perhaps champagne bottles. You can both design your own product or it can be handled by us for you : ) A wine bottle cooler is an original and very effective promotional product or give away. Both for companies and consumers this could be interesting. For example, in a wedding or at a bachelor party, giving away a personalised wine bottle cooler or serving your wine bottles with these personalised coolers, is a wonderful way to simply give that personal touch to your event. Our wine bottle coolers are also used for other events, festivals, to bring on vacations and popular in sale as a souvenir too. Our products are made from neoprene material which is fold-able, flexible, washable and most importantly insulating! You can easily bring your bottle cooler with you in your purse. Especially for wine lovers, this is a wonderful gift.

Our regular assortment wine bottle coolers can be found here.

Summer collection wine bottle coolers

In 2018, Happy Coozy came out with a new summer collection for our wine bottle coolers with three unique designs. Our fist design ideas were developed during a trip through California. Inspired by the beautiful cities and places like Los Angeles, Malibu and Nappa Valley. Los Angeles with its relaxed atmosphere and environment. Malibu for its beautiful beaches and all of its surfers. Nappa valley for its vineyards and delicious wines. For that reason, our coolers consist typical Californian elements, like surfboards, tropical fruit, palm trees, beaches and waves. Besides our regular wine bottle coolers, we offer personalisation and customisation options for the products in order to meet your wishes precisely. For more information about personalised and or customised wine coolers, take a look on this page.

In addition to our collection wine bottle coolers, we also offer an assortment of can coolers and bottle coolers.

If you are unable to make a choice among our coolers, do not worry. We offer mixed packages with different coolers for an attractive price. These mix packages come in a small and tropical gift box, very applicable as a present! Have a look at our mix packages or gift boxes here.

Christmas collection wine bottle coolers

We also offer a variety of Christmas related designs for that most wonderful time of the year where wine cannot be missed. As a Christmas gift for your friends or family, or for employees or business relatives, a nice and cosy gesture to combine our Christmas wine bottle cooler with a nice bottle of wine. These designs can also be personalised. On the right, you’ll find a couple examples of our Christmas-related wine bottle coolers. wine bottle coolers


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